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8 Benefits of Waterproof Synthetic Menus for Restaurants: Maximize Your Menu Investment

  Printing and producing synthetic menus for restaurants is a regular part of our daily grind, we have seen firsthand how these menus can benefit both customers and restaurant owners. From their durability and easy-to-clean surfaces to their professional appearance and customizability, synthetic menus are an excellent option for any restaurant looking to take their […]

Be Mine ♥ Strategies for Customer Appreciation

  Authentic and personalized customer service is a cornerstone in building lifelong customers. In his Wall Street Journal bestseller, Hug Your Customers, Jack Mitchell encourages business leaders to put a premium on building customer loyalty through great service that makes customers feel understood and appreciated. Mitchell created a culture within his business that allowed his […]

3 Printing Trends You Need to Follow in 2020

These three trends are taking off in the new decade. Welcome to the new decade! A new year always inspires us to think about our goals and opportunities. And, a new decade? Well, that’s an even better reason to imagine the possibilities ahead of us. These three trends in printing all represent opportunities to set […]