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Free Christmas Fonts For Commercial Use

  Christmas is almost here and we know that designers have tight deadlines for Christmas projects. We put together a list of awesome FREE Christmas fonts for commercial use that you can use in your designs for personal or commercial projects like holiday greeting cards, envelopes, postcards and any other fun Holiday projects you are working […]

Typography – Choosing Appropriate Fonts

  The Timbre of Fonts tim·bre/tambər/ Noun: The character or quality of a musical sound or voice as distinct from its pitch and intensity. Choosing an appropriate font for a design is very important.  Like sounds, I believe that fonts have timbre.  They can be described as having intangible properties that normally wouldn’t be associated […]

More Than Words: An Introduction to the Art of Typography

    ty·pog·ra·phy: Design or selection of letter forms to be organized into words and sentences and printed or displayed electronically – Encyclopedia Britannica When a person thinks of typography, what would immediately come to mind? Thoughts of different fonts, editorials and designs involving typographic elements would most likely be the first to come to […]