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More Than Words: An Introduction to the Art of Typography

    ty·pog·ra·phy: Design or selection of letter forms to be organized into words and sentences and printed or displayed electronically – Encyclopedia Britannica When a person thinks of typography, what would immediately come to mind? Thoughts of different fonts, editorials and designs involving typographic elements would most likely be the first to come to […]

Refreshing and Tasty Design Inspiration

Art is a fruit that grows in man, like a fruit on a plant, or a child in its mother’s womb. Jean Arp When in need of inspiration I always turn to nature. Curves, colors, shades, reflections, beauty; You name it, she’s got it. Here’s a healthy dose of inspiration:   Quick Fun Fruit Facts: […]

Brochure Printing – Guidelines for a Successful Design

Brochures are a wonderful way to relay information about your product, service or business in general. Many times customers will find themselves waiting around or standing in line… that is the perfect time to present your brochure and inform them of your products and services while they wait. A captivating brochure will make an impact […]