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How To Set Up A Spot UV Business Card Design

The process of setting up a Spot UV business card is different from what you are used to. Since the Spot UV coating is not actually “printed”, the area that is printed and the area that is Spot UV will require separate files. Areas with UV (Spot) and Areas with No UV Let’s make it […]

More Than Words: An Introduction to the Art of Typography

    ty·pog·ra·phy: Design or selection of letter forms to be organized into words and sentences and printed or displayed electronically – Encyclopedia Britannica When a person thinks of typography, what would immediately come to mind? Thoughts of different fonts, editorials and designs involving typographic elements would most likely be the first to come to […]

The Earth Day Design Inspiration Collection

April is an inspiring month full of colors and new beginnings. A month to celebrate All Fools day, Arbor day and Earth Day as well as a variety of holidays held by many different religions. It is the month where small animals that hibernate through the winter break out of their slumber, bees and butterflies […]