Custom Die Cutting – Shaping the way you do business

Die Cut Business CardCustom Die Cutting is the process of using metal dies to cut paper and many other substrates into custom shapes. Since the standard guillotine cutter can only make straight cuts, this process allows us to customize the shape of printed products from the default square cut.

Stand out from the rest

A great way to make a business card stand out in a stack is to have a custom shape. Round corners and angled corners are also die cuts although they would only be considered “custom” if you require a specific radius or angle which requires a custom die to be made. Generally, a printer that offers round cornering and angled corners will have standard size dies in their possession.

Custom Die Cut Business Cards

Custom die cut brochures offer the most real estate for your products or service offerings. A brochure with an outside-the-box shape will catch the eyes of consumers and will surely be picked up over other brochures in the same area.

Folding Brochure with Custom Die Cut

Custom Die Stickers are incredibly useful for labeling certain areas, promoting products, displaying warnings or just getting your name out there…

Die Cut Sticker

The pockets of a presentation folder can be die cut to custom shapes as well. Creating an aesthetically pleasing die cut on your folder can increase the chance of a customer keeping the folder and using it for their own purposes, this gives you exposure to whomever the customer is around.

Custom Die Cut Folder

Bookmarks are great marketing pieces and can be die cut to any shape. A preferred and very popular shape is a simple rectangle with rounded corners.

Custom Die Cut Bookmark

Many products require custom shaped packaging which then also requires custom die cut product inserts which enable recognition and branding of the product inside of the packaging.

Custom Die Cut Product Packaging

Do you have any custom die cut prints you would like to share? Please leave a comment below…