12 thoughts on “How to Design a Print-Ready Holiday Greeting Card using Adobe Illustrator”

  1. I’ve been working with an illustrator that has given me several greeting card designs. I decided to try a few on my own but I haven’t been able to figure out how to put a dashed line down the middle for the fold. Is this line necessary for a printing company to know where the fold goes on a 10×7 layout?

    1. Hi Ines! You do not want to put a dashed line in your art because it will get printed! Instead, use a guide when you are designing the greeting card so only you can see it and will let you know where the fold line is. Your printer does not need you to show them where the fold line is because we think of it as a 10×7 flat piece of paper and very easily we can measure the fold is at the 5″ mark.

      Also, if you ever do want a dotted line as part of your artwork, all you have to do is create a line and go to Window > Appearance, a window will open and you can click on STROKE which will give you the option to make it a DASHED line and you can control the size and space between lines etc.

      Hope that helps! If you need a quote for printing your greeting cards, please request a quote here: https://www.mmprint.com/greeting-card-printing/

      1. This was immensely helpful! I’m so glad because now I can rest assured that I’ve been doing it right!

  2. Hi (:

    Nice tut, I have a question, how do you design both the inside and outside of a card and then print it?

    Yeah, I’m pretty new with the whole photoshop/illustrator thing.

    Help will be appreciated.

    1. Good question Stella! Greeting cards are printed flat first, then scored for folding.
      The inside is simple, just left and right panels. But the outside you have to visualize the folding and what side the outside front panel is actually on when the paper is flat…

      When you design it, you will design it as a flat piece. For example, a 5 x 7 folded card you design as a 10 x 7 flat card.

      Best way to visualize the outside is to take an actual piece of paper, fold it and mark each panel. This way, when you design it, you will know to design the cover panel on the right side and the back outside on the left side.

      Hope this helps!

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