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Mastering QR Codes: The Top Free QR Code Generators for Your Needs

QR Codes in Advertising

*** Updated for 2023 ***

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QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are the connection between online and offline marketing. With the advancement and acceleration of smart phones, consumers have the ability to scan and interpret this barcode with their mobile phone. Originally created by a subsidiary of Toyota, Denso-Wave, the QR Code technology has been around for over a decade.

Versatility is QR Code’s middle name.

The amount of data that a QR Code can hold is approximately 7089 Numeric characters or 4296 Alphanumeric characters as stated on Wikipedia.

This allows for the encoding of URLs, phone numbers, full contact information, SMS messages, links to launch YouTube videos, display static text… to name a few options offered by this revolutionary technology.

How Can Advertisers Use QR CODES in Printed Materials?

QR Codes in Advertising

Believe it or not, your entire marketing piece can be designed around a QR code.

Want to inform your customers of a GRAND OPENING? Create a Google My Business listing, generate a QR Code that contains a link to your business profile. Your customers can scan the code and visit your Google My Business profile on their mobile phone. Once there, your customer will find all there is to know about your business and directions to your location.

Need more customer reviews for your business? Here are the steps on how to create a Google QR Code for customer reviews:

    1. Begin by visiting the Google Place Finder Tool and entering your business name in the search box. Access the Google Place Finder Tool.
    2. Next, copy the “Place ID” associated with your business from the map’s tooltip.
    3. Modify the Reviews URL using the following format and paste your “Place ID” where indicated:
    4. Choose a QR code generator that suits your preference from the list below in the post.
    5. Paste your modified Reviews URL into your chosen QR code generator website, and then proceed to download your customized QR code.
    6. Finally, print and utilize your QR code to start collecting valuable reviews from your customers!

Do you have a  product demonstration video? Include a QR Code in your postcard, brochure or even next to the product in your catalog that will direct the customer to view a product demonstration video on their mobile device. This also gives you the chance to direct the customer to a landing page on your website before or after the video is viewed, reinforcing the sale.

Want to make it easier for that potential customer to retain your contact information? Generate a QR Code that contains all of your contact information and include it on your business card. When a customer scans your QR Code with their mobile device, your contact information will be displayed and saved to the “contacts” of the mobile device.

Business card with QR CodeDepending on your product or service, QR Codes can serve a variety of customizable uses in your marketing scheme.

Where can Custom QR Codes be Generated?

We must be thankful (to Denso-Wave) for the use of QR Codes being free of any license. This has given developers the ability to create online QR Code generators…FREE TO USE! Of course you will find some out there that charge to use their generator’s additional features or only allow for Non-Commercial use, but here is a list I compiled to help you get started generating QR Codes and better yet… more sales conversions!

  • QR Code Generator – Extensive Options – Powered by so you can track scans (generator is free, click tracking requires paid plan)
  • ZXing Project – Simple To Use Options – Featured: Generate Wi-fi Network Login  QR Code
  • QRStuff – Extensive Options – Featured: Google Maps Directions, Multiple Design Features
  • Delivr – Extensive Options – Featured: Dynamic QR Codes
  • Website Planet – Extensive Options – Featured: Multiple Design Options
  • QR Code Monkey – Extensive Options – Featured: Bitcoin Address QR Code

How have you used QR Codes in your marketing?


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