2 thoughts on “Complementing Innovation: Taking a Step Back to Take a Step Forward”

  1. Hello Barry,
    This is our 2nd year with you to print and mail our Christmas cards. Your service has been quick and painless, but the printing is much too blah—-I’m glad you hired Heidi – – maybe she can correct the problem. Our artist, Perri Zimmerman, is in New Jersey and her artwork is bright, vivid and meaningful to us. She will contact you to see if she can provide a better copy. Thanks–your website is excellent.—–Pauline

    1. Hi Pauline,
      Was there an issue with your cards this year? The Heidelberg is used for die-cutting custom shapes and has some really cool features. We’d be open to talk about doing something really unique and custom next year if you’re up for it!
      Thanks for the feedback.

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