Godzilla Augmented Reality Poster

Coolest Roundup of Augmented Reality in Printing

Many say the printing industry is in decline, some even say print is dead. Think again Egon!
This has got to be the coolest innovation to hit print next to QR Codes and it has been said before: Print is not dying, it’s Evolving.

If you are a movie buff, you may have already heard of Augmented Reality (AR for short). The film industry is adopting this technology wisely and guess where it is found…yes, on their PRINTED movie posters and even on the official movie T-shirts which of course are screen-PRINTED.

A Revolution on the Rise

As augmented reality technology catches on and becomes more affordable, you will see its use more and more in our daily lives. The one aspect of augmented reality that really catches my attention is the fact that it could revolutionize learning.

Finally we have something to make those boring text books come alive, making learning interactive or better yet, fun. This would make kids actually want to study…Check this out:

The example above shows just one way augmented reality enhances print. This technology can also be applied to Direct Mail and just about every type of printed advertising from business cards to large format.

Augmented Reality in Print

The following round up of Augmented Reality print advertisements show that print is here to stay and is the medium which connects our reality to the virtual online world. Enjoy!

Godzilla 2012

Poster and T-shirt

Godzilla Augmented Reality Poster



iQ Toyota Augmented Reality Tech



Interactive Marketing sales tool – Building Magical Brochure



Augmented Reality Business Card – Avatar Concept

Business Cards


Augmenting a Postcard



Bouygues Telecom Augmented Reality Smartphones Brochure

Brochures (Wow!)


Audi Augmented Reality Calendar



I (heart) Augmented Reality

T-shirts (lol)


Augmented Reality Encyclopedia



Augmented Reality Game

Board Games


New Reality – Augmented Reality Magazine



TOUCH2PRINT -Augmented Reality: Can touch this

Touch Interactive Paper



Movie Advertising


This is only a small chunk of what is out there! Augmented reality can solidify print’s centuries-long foundation in our present and more importantly, our future.


In what ways will you use Augmented Reality in your Print Campaigns?



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