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3 Unique Hybrid Print Projects that will Boost your Sales Pitch

custom printed notepads on skids

All marketers know that presenting your information in an interesting way can often be just as important as the content itself. Whether it be an interesting packaging design or  a clever way to display ads using gifs, advertisers are constantly branching out to find innovative ways to pitch their brand. Doing so draws more attention away from the over-stimulation of competitors’ advertising to your specific message.

This technique can also apply to your organization’s printed marketing materials. When printing your brand on notepads, booklets, packaging and other brand collateral, you want it to not only look professional, but also to stand out. For inspiration, check out some of these clever printing techniques that add an extra layer of creativity.

Pallet Notepads

This awesome and unique print project was created for a freight forwarding company that wanted to create a notepad that was both eye-catching and practical. What came about was a notepad that was adhered to miniature wooden skid. This is both relevant to their business, and also serves as a functional notepad with their brand clearly displayed.


Concealed Binding Lookbooks

For the fashion and jewelry industries, there is no better way to easily showcase your work than with a professionally printed lookbook. These booklets are simple, strikingly beautiful, and are an effective way to showcase your catalog. This designer took the display to the next level by turning the lookbook itself into a piece of art.

Typically, lookbooks are too small to be perfect bound, so they are required to be bound using wire-o, spiral or saddle stitch binding. This lookbook was made using “concealed binding” which means that the book is bound using wire-o but has a wrap-around cover that hides the wire. This solution keeps an elegant appearance for the lookbook while keeping the durability of a wire-o booklet.

concealed binding lookbooks


Folder Booklets

A new trend in folder printing that we have been seeing more of is the Presentation Folder Booklet. This unique hybrid between a pocket folder and  an informative brochure blends practicality with content. Basically, this job is a normal pocket folder with 9″ x 12″ pages saddle stitched inside. This keeps all the functionality of a presentation folder, while allowing for additional resources to be packed inside!


Another popular choice is the mini folder booklet (6″ x 9″) as a more compact option. Looking for a quote? Head over to our folder booklet page, or leave a comment below!


Print and Design Expert


  • Dave Anderson
    December 9, 2016

    I did not know that the most popular type of binding was wire binding. I like how many different applications there are for printing projects. Like you said, the spiral binding gives and elegant appearance while being very durable. I will keep all of this in mind when I start my next project.

    • Alex Lindsley
      December 14, 2016

      Hey Dave,
      It’s all about your project and what fits best. For instance, brochures or playbills would look awkward. A magazine would not look quite right either. The number of pages is also something to consider. Perfect bound items require around 32 pages so they hold firm. Cost can be a factor as well for some projects, so it’s important to consider all these things when planning your next printing campaign. As we have 40 years in the business, we can guide those that are newer to printing through the process and make sure that their job is a success.


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