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Printed Calendars: Function vs. Aesthetics & Simplicity

In a world of technological innovation, cloud computing, synced smart phones and virtual offices; the electronic calendar has become crucial in daily planning across networks with other colleagues.

However, that doesn’t mean there is no longer a place for the printed calendar whether it’s on your desk or wall.  In fact, many people in business still prefer a simple easy to reach tangible calendar near to their work area that can be quickly written on or glanced at. For decades designers have been including artistic and creative designs to make better use of the real estate a wall calendar provides which adds an aesthetic appeal often lost to an electronic calendar.  It’s one of those instances were functionality became more important at the cost of design, appeal and simplicity.


Paper vs. Digital Calendars

The choice to use either a physical or digital calendar revolves mainly on individual preference and necessity. Many people in this modern age will often take a step back from technology and use a printed calendar because they find it more efficient. A printed calendar is tangible and usually includes creative design and beautiful high resolution photography to support the calendar’s theme. The person using the calendar can fully customize each page with doodles, colored scripts, visual cues, or even sticky notes.


Q:  When was the last time an electronic calendar brought a smile to your face? 

A: The most likely answer would be, almost never.


When we break down electronic calendars, we find that the most advantageous capability includes the various forms of notification of upcoming events, cross platform synchronicity and other cloud based functionality.  Technology is known to not comply all the time however, and for those who find reliance for these “alarms” can acquire a problematic situation when these daily reminders fail. Although paper calendars cannot provide any reminders, users do not find themselves forgetting daily tasks very often. For those who utilize paper calendars, thinking “through the pen” subconsciously can help someone recall tasks that they physically publish on the calendar.

Choosing to use a type calendar is almost all preference; however there are many little aspects that paper calendars exclusively have to offer. Unlike electronic calendars, printed paper allows us to see “the big picture” of things. Also a paper calendar will never crash or run out of batteries; in fact the information we note is always guaranteed to be there. Finally, let us also never forget that paper calendars are inexpensive and extremely simple to use.


Marketing With Paper Calendars & The Power Of Print

Offering calendars to potential customers is a proven and highly effective marketing tool. A vast number of people still prefer paper calendars and getting your own in the hands of those people can bring in new clientele. The people who use your calendar will be exposed to your brand almost every day which is a lasting impression often lost in email and online based forms of marketing. Unlike many forms of advertising, calendars provide a large canvas to accommodate any image or text promoting your product.


The Marsid M&M Group can accommodate all your calendar printing needs. Our experienced staff can even help you design your custom calendars to perfection.

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  • Penelope Smith
    May 27, 2020

    I really like having a hard copy of a calendar. It just seems a little easier to maintain and to check. I also like that you pointed out that you can use a calendar as a way to market something as well. That is good to keep in mind if you are a business owner.


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