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How to Design an Efficient Business Card

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In today’s hi-tech, fast-paced business environment, your business cards need to impress, facilitate and communicate all within the first few seconds. There are a couple of ways you can make sure your business cards are up to par with today’s technology and forms of communication.

The Complication

While the internet offers an assortment of ways to communicate , it also creates an almost endless list of email addresses, website names, handles, tags, user names and ID’s that only a web-browser or a smart phone can remember.

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The Scenario

It’s a fact that some people – by preference or circumstance – will only communicate through certain channels. Therefore, it is crucial to your business to be available in some form. By having only certain contact information on your business card, you might not get contacted by those who prefer to communicate through a method not listed on your business card.

Forms of Contacting a Business

The Solution

Consolidation, accessibility, retention.

The back of business cards usually go unused or used ineffectively. It is open real estate on your business card that can be used to include more, if not all, of your contact information. Use the front as an introduction to your company, it’s logo, your name and standard contact information.


Effective Business Card Design

Include a QR Code to make it easy to save the information on your business card to a smartphone. For more about QR Codes with a list of free QR Code generators and free apps to read them with your smart phone check out our blog post about QR Codes.

The easier you make it for people to communicate, the sooner they will.


Have you ever entered an important number in your phone but forgot to save it?

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