Thermography Printing

Make your Printing Stand Out!

Thermography Printing is the process of heating the ink on a printed piece to make it bubble and raise. This technique gives the ink a 3D property that has both a defined visual effect as well as a texture that you can feel. Raised Ink printing is professional and elegant, and is often used by Doctors, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agencies and more!

Thermography Printing

Picture of thermo ink on a Linen Paper business. card

Thermography Business Cards

Raised Ink printing adds a unique textured layer to your business cards that will let your clients see and feel your information.

Thermography Raised Ink Printed Letterhead |

Thermography Letterhead

Complement your thermographed envelopes with raised ink letterhead. Available on a variety of paper stocks and ink colors.

Raising ink printing on envelopes |

Thermography Envelopes

Thermography also works well on envelopes. Print your return address with raised lettering for a professional appearance.

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