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You are in a position where you need a solid structure plan, blueprint, overlay, or template. What product should you choose for the best results. A fantastic choice is Mylar Printing. Mylar doesn’t tear or get crinkled over time like paper. No matter the work environment, Mylar holds up. This is why many designers and contractors use Mylar printing for everything from legal agreements to additions/deletions from plans different from the original schematics.

What is Mylar

Mylar ® is a product that comes from DuPont. It is a polyester-based film. Sometimes people mistakenly call drafting film or any clear plastic fill Mylar but the two are very different. Mylar paper blends several materials together to create a durable and flexible creation.

Mylar stands in a notable spot in printing as a one-of-a kind product. It earned esteem even in the United States Library of Congress. Here, Mylar paper preserves delicate documents and records.

Factoid: Apart from Printing, Mylar is also used in solar technology and electrical insulation!

In the printing environment, Mylar produces a crisp, uniform finish for line drawings. If you are working outside, reviewing Mylar printed plans endure environmental changes like high heat or rainstorms. Mylar comes in a wide variety of lengths and widths too. Give us a call to discuss exactly what you need in your finished Mylar printing project. We guarantee quick, professional services tailored to your vision and ideas.

Benefits of Mylar

Mylar has an abundance of positive qualities including:

  • Distinct accuracy
  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Tear-proof
  • Resisting oil and moisture
  • Perfectly illustrating your project
  • Having a long shelf-life perfect for archiving
  • A wipe-off surface you can write on and erase.

Marsid M&M Mylar Printing Difference

  • Each project is assigned to your own print professional who will monitor your mylar printing project from proofing to shipping.
  • With over 40 years of experience, we know how to make sure you are extremely satisfied
  • Since we are customer service experts we can work with you to make your ideal Mylar Printing project comes to life the exact way you would like.
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Mylar Printing

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