Three Ways To Send Us Your Digital Files For Commercial Printing

You can send your files directly to our server by using either our PDF print driver, or the website FTP system below. If you would like to send your compressed file as is, click on the "Website FTP " link to begin a file transfer. However, we highly recommend downloading our Adobe PDF print driver for faster production time while eliminating all file compatibility and font issues.

Download Instructions:
Choose either PC or MAC depending on your system below. After you click the link, download the PDF print driver and follow the simple on-screen instructions to complete the one-time installation.

Mailing Instructions:
When sending computer media through the mail, please make sure the contents are packaged correctly. Make sure you have included a CD case and enclose contents inside a padded envelope so we receive the information undamaged.

Send To:
The Marsid-M&M Group
245 Westbury Avenue
Carle Place, NY 11514

Uploading files using the PDF print driver will save you time, money, & headaches. Here's why:

Our driver automatically converts your on-screen artwork into a high-resolution PDF and is perfectly formatted for commercial color printing. All fonts are automatically embedded and the high-quality artwork you have produced remains intact. Using our driver provides the following benefits:

Using our Adobe PDF print driver reduces production time by 30% because we already have your files in the perfect printing format. There is absolutely no other way to make commercial printing easier, try it once and you will be convinced of its major advantage. After the Adobe PDF print driver is installed, you will be ready to send your files directly to our printing department, right from your own desktop! When you are ready to upload files to us, simply select the "print" command from any design program you are using and choose "send to" as the printer.

Please Note:
When sending files through our website FTP, please compress your file(s) to ensure integrity. Sending compressed files also takes less time to upload. (eg, ZIP , SIT )

Uploading Your Files using our Adobe PDF print driver is as simple as selecting a printer.

Download PDF print driver for Windows Based PC's
Download PDF Driver For Apple Macintosh Computers
----- Click on your operating system to begin download ---------
Note: If you are having a problem uploading
Click here to use our backup upload system