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Header cards are a great way to package your product. They create both an eye catching design, and an affordable way to package and distribute your product. Sometimes though you need extra support in the back to secure your product. We can produce cards that fold unevenly so that there is a short flap and a long flap.

This style of bag topper packaging is used for jewelry and other small items. Many fashion companies also use these as swatch cards by attaching a fabric sample to them to easily showcase a variety of samples.

Like our Standard Header Cards, these cards can be enhanced using finishing options such as UV coating and round corners to enhance your design. It is also essential that they have a hole punch so that they can be hung in a retail store. We can punch a circle hole, or a sombrero shaped hole punch, as seen below.

Sombrero Punch – 1″ x 3/8″
Hole Punch – 1/8″ or 3/16″
Difference between standard hole punch and sombrero punch for header cards

Contact us for custom jobs and die-cut header labels in the shape of your logo or specific design. Our staff is always willing to provide expert advice and free estimates for any print job. Contact us at 1-877-mmprint.

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Our uncoated stock is a superior, natural-feel paper that is not glossy, It is perfect to write on and is great for business cards, notepads and greeting cards.

Coated One Side (C1S)

This is a hybrid between our gloss and uncoated stocks. The front of the page has a shiny coating, while the back is uncoated and natural feeling. This is a popular choice for header cards.

Gloss Coated

Our premium gloss stock is shiny and vibrant, making your colors pop and your images crystal clear. This paper is great for diplaying high quality product images.

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Uneven Header Cards

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Choose the correct Flat Size Header Card template by selecting the appropriate size and format below.

These templates contain visual guides to help you create print-ready artwork that you can later upload to us for printing. If you need an estimate, please fill out the Estimate Request Form above.

4″ x 2″ Header Card – PDF

4″ x 4″ Header Card – PDF

5″ x 4″ Header Card – PDF

5″ x 5″ Header Card – PDF

6″ x 3″ Header Card – PDF

6″ x 5″ Header Card – PDF

7″ x 5″ Header Card – PDF

8″ x 4″ Header Card – PDF

8″ x 5″ Header Card – PDF

8″ x 7″ Header Card – PDF

4″ x 2″ Header Card – eps

4″ x 4″ Header Card – eps

5″ x 4″ Header Card – eps

5″ x 5″ Header Card – eps

6″ x 3″ Header Card – eps

6″ x 5″ Header Card – eps

7″ x 5″ Header Card – eps

8″ x 4″ Header Card – eps

8″ x 5″ Header Card – eps

8″ x 7″ Header Card – eps

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