Custom Printed Packaging for your Retail Product

Marketing your merchandise is one of the most important steps towards making a sale. Impressive product packaging can make a big difference in a customer’s decision. It is important to have a header card or hang tag that is both attractive in design as well as informative about the product that is being sold. There are several options for product packaging that we offer to make your merchandise stand out.

Header Cards

Folded Bag Toppers with Sombrero Punch

Create Custom sized foldover header cards with a standard hole punch or sombrero punch to package your product.

Custom Header Cards with Sombrero Punch or Hole Punch |

Uneven Fold Header Cards

Swatch Cards and Unique Printed Packaging

Custom packaging with an uneven score to create a card with a front flap – any size you need!

Hang Tags

Custom Standard Shape Product Tags

Hang Tags can be directly attached to a product to highlight product details like price, type of materials, size, etc.

Square, rectangle and oval die cut hang tags |

Die Cut Hang Tags

Custom Shape Product Tags

Create a custom Die Line that matches the theme of your product – any shape you want at any size!

Additional Features

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Free Shipping within the US

Custom Shape Printing