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Marsid Taking Maximum Advantage of Internet for Print

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Long Island Printer Marsid M&M Leading the Way in Web Technology. Uses Customer-Friendly Website to Streamline Production.

The Internet, once thought by some to be the demise of print media, is serving as a great boon to the printing industry, as attested by one innovative Long Island printer that is using the web to dramatically enhance production and customer service. By harnessing the power of the latest web technology, The Marsid M&M Group, of Carle Place, has streamlined the production process and is saving its clients both valuable time and money.

Features in Use at Marsid

Over the past several years, Marsid M&M has integrated into its website some impressive features that bring the production process directly to the client's desktop. Clients can log onto to access the following:

The Direct-2-Press System: Clients can now send files from any design/layout program by simply selecting the print command. The artwork onscreen is then automatically converted to Marsid M&M's file standard, and is sent directly to the company's rip station, which is the final step before printing. This eliminates all compatibility and font issues, which otherwise constantly occur, wasting time and money.

Webstore Fulfillment Systems: Geared for large companies that frequently re-order supplies such as business cards, these are custombuilt online order management systems. Webstores allow a client's staff members around the country to order supplies through one location, using a template-driven online ordering system.

PDF proofs are created instantly after their information is entered, enabling the client to then send their approval back to Marsid M&M online. This makes ordering a much simpler, more efficient process as compared to ordering forms and sending proofs back and forth through a paper trail. Because the client is actually creating the proof online as they enter their information, when they are finished and the order is approved, Marsid M&M has a proof with which they are ready to print. Webstores are customized to suit the look and feel of the client's own website and are easily integrated into the Marsid M&M website. This custom developed technology can allows the clients to add any number of fulfillment items such as entire media kits, presentation folders and promotional products.

Other Cutting-Edge Technology at Marsid M&M

One-Stop Printing and Mailing: Marsid M&M recently acquired cutting-edge equipment that allows it to serve as a one-stop source for printing and mailing. This saves clients the time and expense of hiring a costly mail service for their direct mail advertising. Marsid M&M's in-house Accufast & Santori Bulk Mailer systems give clients the best possible postage rates, as well as the following other benefits: - Address list conversion - Inkjet address directly on mail piece - Presort according to postal regulations - Sort, bag, tray, & delivery to post office

Complete Bindery Department: This new addition to the Marsid-M&M plant allows the company to offer an even more competitive pricing structure by ensuring in-house production.

Computer-to-Plate System: This provides faster, more accurate reproductions when outfitting digital artwork to offset printing presses.

A Long-Standing Emphasis on Customer Service

In addition to offering the latest technology, Marsid M&M remains committed to strong customer service, the driving force behind the company's success since its founding in 1972. The following are some examples of this: Quote Assembly: Marsid M&M now offers clients the ability to request quotes for multiple products simultaneously to save time. This important feature is missing from many service-based competitors.

Referral Membership Program: Marsid M&M rewards clients and visitors for simply referring the company.