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Full Color Printing Design File Preparation Checklist

Welcome to Our Printing Info Center

This entire section of our web site is constantly updated so you can learn about the printing process and how your orders are produced from start to finish. Use this section as source of reference, if you have any artwork issues or concerns you can always come back and learn about the many tips and tricks that we have encountered in our 34 years of experience. Articles will be updated as new advice is available.

The importance of printing with Pantone® Colors

When preparing your digital files for commercial printing, it is important to make sure you choose the specific pantone color(s) you plan on using for your printing project. This section goes over how to select pantone (PMS) colors and also goes over potential issue that may arise when printing in 2 and 4 colors. This article also explains how plate registration can have an impact upon your job when using 4 color files for 1 or 2 color printing. Read more...

Pantone PMS Printing Services
Using high resolution photos & images for printing

When designing digital files intended for commercial offset printing, it is essential that all of the photographs and images in your in files are high resolution. If you have ever seen printed material that contains blurry or blocky images which often provides a bad presentation, it was likely caused by incorporating low resolution images. Ensuring a high quality printed job is as simple as making sure all photos and images in your digital files are all high resolution. The information below covers the specific differences between the two and how to avoid problems. Read more...

High and Low Resolution Images for Printing
Rule #1 - Creating your artwork with bleeds

Anytime you see a printed image which extends from end to end on postcards, brochures, etc, it has been created with a bleed. A bleed is basically an extension of the image which will be cut off. Be sure to create your artwork at least an 1/8 inch (.125) larger per side, than the actual printed size for the best quality. Read more...

Full Color Printing with Bleeds