EDDM - Every Direct Door Mail: Reach Every Business and Residence In Your Town

What if you could cut out the mailing list and reduce the postage costs? EDDM delivers your mail piece to every business and residence in your town for a flat postage rate of 17.7 cents per-piece, no mailing list needed. Choose a town or radius around the address you would like to target and we’ll do the rest. Please select a product to the right to request an estimate for your EDDM Mailing.

What is EDDM, and why should you use it?

No Need for a Mailing List

Every Door Direct Mail will save you the cost of purchasing a mailing list as well as the time and cost of processing the list and addressing the mail pieces. Simply choose a zip code, or specific mailing routes within a zip code to reach a targeted local audience.

Larger Mail Pieces are More Effective

Larger mail pieces will be more effective at grabbing attention and also will have more space for your message. They can also include full color printing as well as coupons and promotions to help grow your business and attract new customers.

No Mailing Permit is Required

There is no need to purchase or use a postal permit for retail Every Door Direct Mail. The EDDM mail pieces will require an indicia specific for EDDM (jpeg) (eps) to be printed on the mail piece. Simply address the item to “Local Postal Customer.”

Low Postage Cost of 17.6 Cents per Piece

The postage for EDDM mailings is a standard 17.6¢ per item. Payment can be made online after selecting your routes, or at the post office while dropping off your mailing. There are additional costs and regulations for drop off at a BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit) facility.

It's Easy to Do

For mailings between 200 and 5000, Every Door Direct Mail can be dropped off at the post office front desk and payment can either be made then, or online beforehand. We will prepare the paperwork and bundle the mail pieces with the proper display of the front facing slip. There are two options for mailing out your EDDM. When we are finished printing, we can mail the bundles directly to you, free of charge, and you can drop them off at your local post office.

Size Requirements

When measuring the size of a Standard Mail © flat, the longer side of the rectangle is considered the length, and the shorter side is the height. The size requirements are as follows:

  • The minimum height must be EITHER more than 10.5” in length, OR 6.125” in height OR .25” thick. It must meet one of these requirements, not all.
  • Mailpieces must ALWAYS be at least .007” thick, and 3.5” high.
  • The maximum dimensions are 15” long, 12” high, and .75” thick.
  • The maximum weight per mailpiece is 3.3 oz
  • Must have four square corners, or finished corners that have a max. radius of .125”

EDDM Brochures and Take Out Menus

Rack Cards mmprint.com

Promote your restaurant, spa or salon to your local neighborhood. Gain new customers quickly and affordably!

EDDM Postcards

EDDM postcards | printing and mailing services | mmprint.com

Send out coupons and invitations to every home in town

EDDM Flyer Printing

EDDM Flyers | printing and mailing services | mmprint.com

Informative sales sheets to convert local residents into customers

EDDM Booklets and Catalogs

EDDM Booklet printing and mailing services | mmprint.com

Full spread catalogs, booklets and pamphlets to keep your neighborhood informed