EDDM - Every Direct Door Mail: Reach Every Business and Residence In Your Town

What if you could cut out the mailing list and reduce the postage costs? EDDM delivers your mailpiece to every business and residence in your town for a flat postage rate of 16 cents per-piece, no mailing list needed. Choose a town or radius around the address you would like to target and we'll do the rest. Please select a product below to request an estimate for your EDDM Mailing.

What is EDDM, and why should you use it?

Every Door Direct Mail Resources:

USPS EDDM User Guide

USPS EDDM User Guide

EDDM Interactive Map

Find Your Carrier Routes

Design Templates

Graphic Design Templates

EDDM: Every Door Direct Mail Brochure Printing Estimates

EDDM Brochures

EDDM: Every Door Direct Mail Postcard Printing Estimates

EDDM Postcards

EDDM: Every Door Direct Mail Flyer Printing Estimates

EDDM Flyers

EDDM: Every Door Direct Mail Booklet Printing Estimates

EDDM Booklets

EDDM: Every Door Direct Mailing of Booklets, Postcards, Brochures, and Flyers
Updated: Saturday, February 13th, 2013


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